My name is Chris Zibutis and here are a few of my favorite things...

Cold Brew Coffee
Chicago White Sox
Van Halen
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
Bill Murray
The Adam Carolla Podcast
The Simpsons (Seasons 1-10)
The Critic


Past editorial clients include: Edible Michiana, Cure Today, 10 Missions Media, Dwyer Instruments, Upton's Naturals, Steve Lantvit Horsemanship, Ethically Engineered, Organized Crime Records, Facedown Records, a389 Records, Middle Man Records, & many more.

Work published in: Edible Michiana, Cure Today, The Beacher (Indiana), Ratchet & Wrench, Outburn, Amp, Hails and Horns, Eat (Japan), VegNews, Wedding Essentials, Mafia Magazine, Chicago Reader, The Telegram (Canada), and some more.